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Coventry Fitness Coach - Client Reviews & Testimonials

You Can Get Great Results Like This Or Even Better With Evgenia Baillie's Personal Training

Oana Cozlac 

“Training with fitness coach Evgenia is like training with your better self.”

“She pushes you enough to do those exercises you once hated so you can be proud of yourself when you’re done, and become better at doing them! ”

“There is no boring session with her. Time flies during the workout without even noticing, you just find yourself very sweaty and that’s when you know you’re done!”

Poonam Manget

“From my personal experience of knowing and working with Evgenia, I can absolutely say she is a fantastic personal trainer. ”

“She is such a approachable and likeable person and is always there to help. She motivates and pushes you and will always tell you how to perform better.”

“From the sessions that I have had with her and starting my programme designed by her I already feel myself getting more stronger each day.”

Coventry fitness

Kev Heslop

"I find Evgenia's sessions absolutely useful with my weight loss goal."

"When I started with Ev 12 months ago, I was 20 stone in weight and inside one year I have lost 60K.  I never imagined I would lose over 8 stone in less than a year!

"Thanks to Ev's training my confidence has improved and I am starting to like myself again."

Anna Walsh

"I am a competitive figure-skater. When I first came to Coventry fitness coach Evgenia, my jumps on the ice were not as powerful as they could be and my flexibility was poor - I couldn't even do the splits properly!"

"Evgenia designed a specialised training programme, targeting my areas of weakness. After just 5 months of sessions, the change was radical. I noticed a significant improvement in my flexibility, endurance, and jump height on the ice. This helped me to land jumps of higher difficulty (which I was so happy about!)."

"I would definitely recommend Evgenia to other athletes looking to improve their performance in their sport! Thank you so much Evgenia!"

Coventry PureGym Skydome
Croft Rd, Coventry CV1 3AZ

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